Oct 22, 2009

hauls hauls n awaiting hauls

Still waiting for my JC 99..!!!
my JC july 2 and Saraid have arrived two weeks ago and also my s&b grey marle rats leggings
luv it to bits.! unfortunately the seller for my mimco snake cuff refused to reply so hopefully it will work out
JC July wedges isnt that comfortable because it is quite narrow but it looks beautiful on the feet
Saraid 2 is so unique! still waiting for a perfect day to wear it !
Shopbop just had a 15% off sales ! so bought marcs jacobs stud earrings
made her think talon earrings and kenneth jay hammered ring ! I still feel guilty about it :S
Solestruck finally has the starburst bootie in black! but since i hv spent on jewelery , i will have to wait till tmr morning to purchase those gorgeous bootie.
I hope my size will stil be there !! (i doubt it though)

can't wait till i pay off my laybys ! will post up my hauls when i get them!! :)
This is one of them :

cue swaroski crytals bracelet.. cant wait till it is MINE ! :D

Oct 8, 2009

Christopher Kane addiction! :):)

yes i know.i know. overload of christopher kane... but i love them to bits and addicted to them especially the bag at the moment..i carry it everywhere even though it gives me a backache

wearing my angel ring, dolce vita shoes, CK embellished leggings and eyelet maxi bag, my general pants white swing shirtdress, black slip dress, La Mer watch.

Oct 3, 2009

two weeks holiday since my birthday

So many things have happened!

Firstly it was my 21st birthday on the 18th sept! :D The start of mid semester break!

i spent the morning having a delicious breakfast at Snow Pony with my family and had a blast at my blackandwhiteinstyle birthday party in the evening! I even had an fantastic unplanned boys band performance! Here is my hottie friend n I! A photo from her new toy. I will be uploading my polaroid photos soon since I've received one for my bday.

I finally got to wear my beautiful maxi dress with my ysl arty enamel ring, seduce snake wrap/bracelet and kookai necklace.

The next day i went out for a date with PJ and had an awesome breakkie at Liar Liar ! went shopping in the city after and he got me this baby! :D Finished the day at Lindt Cafe.

my new Prada wallet in an awesome dark purple.

I was wearing my gripps skirt, subtitled top, leather jacket, cc skye ring, country road bag, jeffrey campbell biz bootie, la mer watch and other blings

MY CHRISTOPHER KANE FOR TOPSHOP HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED THIS WEEK! I bought the embellished leggings and the maxi eyelet bag

both of them are beautiful! Also bought a sequin crop top and a front bib shirt from topshop! great buy! Will show you my embellished leggings in an outfit post

My Angel dust ring and cuff have also arrived ! shipping cost was exx but it was worth it ! Got a few compliment for it too!

Just got paid yesterday so got my haul of the week! :)
Korres hamamelis tonic lotion from KIT

soy milk lotion from KIT
sportsgirl beading belt
don't ask amanda white plain swing shirt dress
alice in the eve lace top (on sale!)
also TOPSHOP sequin crop top in the photo

Holiday is over tmr ! :( but overall it was tiring holiday with 25 hrs work per week but I had great catch ups sipping yummy coffees and breakkie :)
cant wait to have more....