Aug 27, 2009

too many things..

Finally I have finished my assignments ( 3 in one week)!
time to return to blogging. I have so much to blog about since I am really excited for spring summer clothes ! been buying more clothes and paying off my laybys getting ready for a warmer weather.

Recently just got my black sharp shoulder blazer. LOVE IT SO MUCH!
Will post up an outfit post of it next time. Also my maxi dress has arrived. gorgeous in person and I can't wait to wear it when the weather gets warmer.
cutting things out on the list and the next items are denim shorts and jeffrey campbell shoes!!

waiting for topshop, hoping that they will sell this shorts soon

Jeffrey Campbell shoes that i want

KATE MOSS autumn and winter collection has launched today but I am not impressed. Nothing really tickled my fancy. kinda sucks since i was waiting for it! Hopefully you can find something for yourself!

On the other hand, Reiss has started with a new collection 1971 Reiss which is younger, classy and more affordable than Reiss .LOVING everything from that collection! wish i can get my hands on them!

thats all. will post up an outfit post soon!


Aug 6, 2009

Tax return = a burn to my wallet

HAVEN'T UPDATED FOR SOO LONG.. sorry my poor blog.

vintage navy blazer (ebay), forever new paint brush effect dress (ebay), nine west bag (ebay), zara grey oxford.

Anyway,I have not stopped spending from the moment I have received my tax return!!
In just one and a half weeks time, I have spent TOO MUCH and also have made five laybys in two weeks time.. I have no idea how i am going to pay it off but all the best for my tiny wallet.


Also. I have just paid for a pair of gorgeous topshop patent cream heels and I can't wait for it to arrive!

preview of my heels. Hopefully it will be as gorgeous as it seems in the photo

Will update on it again. I wonder what I should name them?